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Awkward returns this April

that awkward moment when i forget about this blog :(

wear-something-black-x asked: "After looking at your posts. I now want to scream. I'm British sooo Idont get all the Cool programmes as fast as you, Dammnit. Still following you though;D by the way.. IM ALISHA!!"

haha, hiiii. and you can download all the episodes here if you want.

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purplehalo asked: "Which post is that which suertuda agrees with? Could you paste the link? Thanks!"

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suertuda asked: "i forgot to say to you that i totally agree with you on this post: post/31993873168/awkward-actually-made-me-mad :):) I love you blog btw!"

Thank you! :)

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suertuda asked: "i'm so sick of jenna!!!! like come on, you're finally happy with matty, the only thing wrong he did was that he didn't dance with her... OK. If she dumps matty because her "It's not what i need" i'm going to be SO pissed. Jenna stop being such an idiot. And tamara/jake is PERFECT, I wanted them to ve together like in season 1."

I agree! I just think it’s like she’s always searching for something wrong with him, and like the simplest things make her over think

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Anonymous asked: "Do you know where I can find, if there is one, a gif when matty drops the game controller when he's with courtney?"

I dont think there is one, but I can make you one if you’d like?

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I’m just gonna pretend the last 5 minutes of the season finale don’t exist

Anonymous asked: "So what do you think of Ashley's blonde hair?"

it’s eh.

But she has the confidence to rock it which makes it better. 

Anonymous asked: "omg, i totally agree with you. i just watched it and jfc, wtf jenna? make up your f*cking mind! in my opinion, jenna being with matty is just perfect and jake with tamara is so cool. but i think they made jenna confused again so things can't be too perfect, idk. they had to pick a problem to the next season. awkward season 3: what have i done, why did i pick matty, omg i can't hurt tamara but i still want jake, jake or matty, etc. :("

I agree. 

& like the only thing matty didn’t do “right” in that episode was dance with Jenna and the first thing I thought of when that happened was the fact he was going to go to the dance with her last season, ect ect. Regardless, the plot was just dragged out so much this season, I don’t want it to spill over into next season. I’m sure next season will be a lot of “who do i want to be” stuff from Jenna, and idk. 

The first season was a lot better.

And Tamara and Jake are perfect for each other. I wanted them together when he helped her in episode 9 (i think?) with Ricky.

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